Automatic recovery after an outage

Cloud to on-premises and cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery with no downtime and no data loss.

Always Accurate

On-premises and cloud environments stay continuously in sync as every change is captured wherever it occurs.

Always Available

Virtually zero RTO and RPO as data in the cloud DR environment reflects the latest changes in on-premises or in other cloud environments.

Lower Cost Structure

Eliminate the expense of hardware and other infrastructure normally required for DR on-premises.

Additional Benefits

  • Lower complexity with simplified backup and recovery
  • Fully activate hardware previously used for backup and recovery enabling you to scale up dramatically with existing resources
  • Support staggered upgrades and migration between on-premises and cloud environments with no disruption
  • Enable cloud DR environment data to be fully readable/writeable, not just in standby mode
  • No need for scheduled backups outside of normal business hours, since replication is continuous and doesn’t impact on-premises or cloud application performance
  • Automated recovery eliminates the risk of administrator error leading to data loss and extended downtime during disaster recovery

Creating remarkable resultsfor our customers

PLAYTIKA Keeping players on top of their game

The global gaming company, Playtika, wanted to ensure their 6 million daily players across 190 countries could continue to enjoy their games anytime and anywhere with no downtime and no disruption in the event of an outage.