Use Case : Developer Collaboration

SYNIVERSE Increasing collaboration with data synchronization


Syniverse develops applications for more than 900 mobile operators, cable and internet providers and enterprises in over 160 countries. The company's development team started spreading around the world, developing mobile applications for tier one providers such as Sprint and Verizon. They needed to eliminate lost productivity associated with developers waiting for code at the time of checkout and check-in and required a solution that would provide disaster recovery, eliminate latency, and be easy for the global team of developers to utilize.


Syniverse found the right solution with WANdisco SVN MultiSite. Since their developers were already familiar with Subversion they were able to produe faster than with other tools, including the previous solution provided by IBM.

  • Local servers in Florida, India and California are now always in sync with each other
  • Resources around the globe are now shared to meet application deadlines on time and on budget
  • The disaster recovery provided by WANdisco SVN MultiSite ensures Syniverse meets client Service Level Agreements
  • Syniverse's results are similar to a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) Report revealed that SVN MultiSite delivered a return on investment (ROI) of 357% with a payback period of less than two months. The subject of the study was Pitney Bowes, a Fortune 500 company with annual revenues of over $5 billion that had deployed SVN MultiSite two years earlier. Forrester’s TEI methodology measures costs and cost reduction, and weighs the enabling value of a technology in increasing the effectiveness of overall business processes

“Before WANdisco SVN MultiSite, we'd hear from developers regularly about lengthy check-in and checkout times to and from the central server. They weren't happy and it wasn't a good use of their time. With WANdisco, that's not the case - latency has disappeared.”

David Henry Technology Manager, Change Management

About Syniverse

Syniverse is the leading global transaction processor that connects more than 1,500 mobile service providers, enterprises, ISPs and OTTs in nearly 200 countries and territories, enabling seamless mobile communications across disparate and rapidly evolving networks, devices and applications.