Financial Services

Use Case

Multi-region data availability solved

Polycloud data resiliency and financial services regulation compliance


A large financial institution wanted to exploit the power and flexibility of the cloud and looking for a way to meet regulatory demands for data protection and resilience across multiple cloud locations.

  • The customer wanted to migrate to the cloud with no downtime to applications or disruption to the business.
  • To satisfy regulators, the customer needed to enable multi-regional and multi-cloud replication to ensure strict disaster recovery (DR) SLAs could be met in the event of a disaster, and for backup retrieval in the event of data corruption.
  • The customer also looked to enable future data agility to ensure it could capitalize on innovation from other cloud providers without vendor lock-in.
  • The destination for the data is the Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) located in the US East 2 region.
  • The customer is keen to focus all its data usage within the ADLS environment, which means always-on data access is critical.
  • This institution required alternative solutions to provide greater resiliency to meet regulatory requirements, and this financial services institution required alternative solutions to provide greater resiliency to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Data being migrated comes from multiple sources, the majority from on-premises infrastructure, combined with data already located in Azure.
  • Data migration from on-premises systems and existing Azure-based data to ADLS in the US East 2 region.
  • Data replication from the US East 2 region to the US Central region, satisfying the bank’s disaster recovery requirements.
  • Weekly replication of data to a second ADLS located in the US East 2 region to provide point-in-time copies.
  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • Microsoft APS (On-premises data warehouse)
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse (Platform as a Service)
  • Manual user uploads via API or Web UI (Future use)
  • Data is persisted in a consistent, reconciled fashion across multiple cloud locations.
  • ADLS to ADLS replication for both cross-region and local-region requirements.
  • Multiple sources of data ingested into ADLS can be replicated immediately.
  • Permissions of files and directories are replicated as they were on Source.
  • LiveData Platform has the ability to replicate to multiple types of storage, and the customer may leverage this to replicate to AWS and other cloud vendors in the future.