LiveData for MultiCloud

Keeping data consistent across a distributed environment

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WANdisco powers LiveData

WANdisco LiveData Platform is an enterprise-class software platform that solves the problem of keeping data consistent across a distributed environment—on-premises, hybrid cloud, multi-region, and multi cloud. WANdisco LiveData Platform is powered by a high-performance coordination engine that uses consensus to keep unstructured data accessible, accurate, and consistent across different locations.

WANdisco LiveData Platform enables a LiveData strategy, which ensures that your data stays accurate and consistent across all your business application environments, regardless of geographic location, data platform architecture, or cloud storage provider.

A LiveData strategy is an evolved approach—and new standard—for simplifying data migration to the cloud and de-risking data operations across a heterogeneous architecture.


Always available

Resynchronize your data automatically across the event of hardware and network outages

Full data portability

Selectively replicate changes across different environments with guaranteed consistency and no vendor lock-in

Lower cost structure

Scale up with no increase in hardware costs with cloud migration

Always protected

Reduce your possible exposure to hackers as only our firewalls are exposed

Always accurate

Guaranteed access to the same data everywhere on any distribution


Automatic failover and recovery with no admin or third party intervention


Continue to use the tools with which you are familiar


Teams across the world collaborate as one with no downtime and no disruption

Our patented technology

WANdisco’s patented Distributed Coordination Engine keeps data consistent across different data centers no matter where they are in the world. It gives organizations the ability to integrate different type of LiveData into the same environment. It means you have no unused capacity as all your hardware is used all the time as you read and write to any data center.

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