WANdisco and Microsoft Announce General Availability of LiveData Platform for Azure

Microsoft´s preferred and native solution for Hadoop-to-Azure migrations without business disruption

Move to Azure with ease

WANdisco's partnership with Microsoft helps you migrate data to the Azure cloud quickly and easily so you can exploit the power and capabilities of the Azure environment and services.

WANdisco LiveData Migrator for Azure and LiveData Plane for Azure offer migration and real-time replication of your Hadoop data and Hive metadata between geographically dispersed sources and targets, even while the data is under active change.

  • Gold Partner
  • Co-Sell Prioritized Solutions
  • Deep integration into Azure control plane

“There’s nothing else like LiveData Migrator for Azure on the market.”

Jeff King, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Use cases

Whether you have already embarked on your digital transformation journey or plan to soon, the use cases around data lake migration usually fall into the following scenarios:

Hadoop Migration

Hybrid Cloud

Disaster Recovery

Cloud Data Migration

Fully-automated data migration with zero disruption allows your users and systems to continue operating while migration is underway. Migrate to Azure Data Lake Storage, the only cloud storage service purpose-built for big data analytics.

Cloud Analytics

Once in ADLS, the data is available to Azure analytics services such as HDInsight, Synapse, and Azure Databricks.

Hybrid Data Estate

Maintain on-premises assets for as long as necessary. Organizations can maintain critical on-premises applications while expanding their investment and innovation in the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Enterprises that wish to decommission costly on-premises environments, which sit idle and are only maintained for regulatory purposes, can utilize the cloud as the new secure repository.

Cloud Burst

Enables enterprises to access compute and storage in the cloud when required, rather than building out on-premises infrastructure for peak capacity.


Take advantage of cloud economics and maintain scheduled backups to the cloud.

“WANdisco LiveData Migrator and LiveData Plane are the first offerings to provide a fully-integrated and turnkey experience for customers migrating Hadoop data into Azure Data Lake Storage seamlessly and without business disruption.”

Tad Brockway, Corporate Vice President for Azure Network and Storage

Native integration with Azure

WANdisco LiveData Migrator for Azure and LiveData Plane for Azure are deeply integrated with native Azure resources such as Azure Portal and CLI, as well as other Azure security and manageability features. This means you can deploy and manage your data lake migrations using the same Azure management experience you enjoy today through the Azure Portal and Azure CLI. Further billing integration means customers are billed through Azure, eliminating the need to add a new vendor contract or require additional vendor approvals.


Migrate from Hadoop to cloud without disruption or downtime

LiveData Migrator for Azure is a native Azure service that enables users to migrate petabyte-scale Hadoop data and Hive metadata to the Azure cloud with zero application downtime and zero risk of data loss, even while the source data is under active change.


Consistent data everywhere

LiveData Plane for Azure provides active-active data and metadata consistency across two or more distributed Hadoop environments. LiveData Plane for Azure is driven by WANdisco’s patented distributed coordination engine, which uses consensus to ensure 100% data consistency at all times. You can use LiveData Plane for Azure to ensure the changes that originated at your on-premises Hadoop cluster are replicated to your Azure HDInsight cluster backed by ADLS--and vice versa.


Customer Stories

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Daimler moved data back and forth for 9 months before sunsetting the on-prem Hadoop dataset

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