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WANdisco Builds Hyper-Fast Onramp to the Cloud with the Launch of LiveMigrator

June 11 2019

World’s first non-blocking technology automates highly efficient, large-scale data cloud migration to dramatically simplify moving data to the cloud

San Ramon, CA, June 11, 2019WANdisco (LSE: WAND), the LiveData company, announced today the launch of LiveMigrator, the world’s first non-blocking technology that seamlessly migrates petabytes of unstructured data from on-premise data centers to any cloud vendor in one pass. Rather than implementing costly and risky multiple passes to migrate data, which can take three to six months and block users from making changes, applications can continue to access the on-prem environment - even as data moves to the cloud - with users directing new workloads or queries at cloud assets.

LiveMigrator’s automated process enables enterprises’ on-premise data to be consistent with migrated cloud-based data, forming a hybrid cloud. Data stays coordinated and secure using WANdisco’s patented Fusion technology while enabling enterprises to comply with strict availability and performance service level agreements. Enterprises can next transition to a multi-cloud data environment to enable the benefits of different clouds’ unique or best-performing services for specific objectives. Multi-clouds also help enterprises avoid being locked into one cloud vendor agreement and ensure data consistency, reliability and security.

“WANdisco LiveMigrator resolves a problem that has vexed the IT industry for years - how do you move petabyte scale data to the cloud without stopping your business?” said WANdisco CEO and co-founder David Richards. “Innovation has been hamstrung by data migration obstacles to the cloud. As more enterprises can more quickly harness the power of cloud computing, my hope is that a flourishing environment will foster the development of artificial intelligence, IoT, and robotic process automation.”

Enterprises’ desire to adopt cloud computing continues to accelerate as they seek the benefits of increased productivity, security and global data access for employees. According to a recent survey of IT professionals, 94 percent of respondents were using at least one public or private cloud with 84 percent of enterprises adopting a multi-cloud strategy. Before enterprises can fully adopt a cloud-based IT infrastructure, however, they must overcome the major hurdle of moving large scale data to the cloud that is constantly changing. Despite innovations developed on public clouds in the last 15 years, large-scale data migration has continued to thwart CIOs because of the “live” nature of data which needs to be available 24/7 without interruption. WANdisco LiveMigrator enables enterprises to easily and securely onramp data to the cloud to make the most of their IT resources and move forward with their digital transformation.

WANdisco Fusion’s patented, high-performance consensus technology, called DconE, allows data to move without blocking an applications’ ability to read and write to the file system. LiveMigrator does not require changes to the dependent application interface nor impede performance, while scaling to petabytes of data seamlessly. Applications can still access, ingest, and update the data throughout the migration.

Three Stages of Data Movement to the Cloud

1. Non-blocking Movement to the Cloud
Using WANdisco LiveMigrator to migrate data to the cloud in one simple pass.

2. Active-active Hybrid Cloud to Enable Porting of Applications
Build an active-active hybrid cloud environment in which the on-premise apps can be developed for the cloud and requires the exact same data on-premise as exists on the cloud.

3. MultiCloud
Adopt a multi-cloud data strategy that enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of each cloud’s unique or best-performing services for specific objectives. Multi-clouds also enable enterprises to avoid being locked into one cloud vendor agreement and ensure data consistency, reliability and security.

The combination of WANdisco LiveMigrator and WANdisco’s Fusion provides enterprises with a single platform to seamlessly adopt the full benefits of cloud computing for all its data and accelerate the path towards a digital enterprise.

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