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02 Apr 2013

WANdisco applauds release of Apache Bloodhound

Original Project Submitter, WANdisco, Supports Project with On-Staff Committers

WANdisco (LSE: WAND), a provider of high-availability software for global enterprises to meet the challenges of Big Data and distributed software development, is pleased to support Apache Bloodhound, which was officially announced today as a Top-Level Project (TLP) by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Originally submitted to the ASF in December 2011 by WANdisco, Bloodhound is a software development collaboration tool based on Trac that includes a Subversion repository browser, wiki, and defect tracker.

The WANdisco developers serving on the Project Management Committee (PMC) or participating at some level in the development of Bloodhound have been involved since the project's inception. Apache Bloodhound is an issue tracker with a tightly integrated source code browser that works with Apache Subversion and Git. It also provides Wiki functionality and is compatible with hundreds of free plugins available for Trac, allowing users to customize their experience even further.

"WANdisco received many requests for an issue tracker and at the time, open source options available for integration were limited, which is why we decided to invest in setting one up in the Apache Incubator," said David Richards, CEO of WANdisco. "WANdisco has been actively supportive of the ASF, and we're proud to have played a leading role in Bloodhound."

"When Bloodhound entered the incubator, while it was built on the Trac framework, it was a completely new project," said Gary Martin, Vice President of Apache Bloodhound and WANdisco developer. "Bloodhound's strengths lie in its powerful combination of Apache Subversion source control and robust ticket system."

About WANdisco Technology and Subversion Solutions

WANdisco's patented non-stop replication technology turns globally distributed Apache Subversion repositories into mirrors of each other, so they are always in complete sync, ensuring 100 percent uptime. Users at every site have instant access to the same data and changes made locally can be seen and accessed by everyone immediately, enabling teams to work together simultaneously from anywhere around the world. Developers at every location enjoy LAN-speed performance for all operations and have access to the most up-to-date code changes, regardless of where those changes originated globally.

Solutions from WANdisco protect enterprises against downtime and help them deliver products to market more quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently by simplifying and centralizing open source control management solutions like Apache Subversion. WANdisco products include SVN MultiSite, SVN Access Control, SVN Clustering and SmartSVN.

About WANdisco

WANdisco is the world leader in Active Data Replication. Its patented WANdisco Fusion technology enables the replication of continuously changing data to the cloud and on-premises data centers with guaranteed consistency, no downtime and no business disruption. It also allows distributed development teams to collaborate as if they are all working in one location. WANdisco has an OEM with IBM as well as partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Google Cloud, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle to resell its patented technology. WANdisco also works directly with Fortune 1000 companies around the world to ensure their data can give them the real insight they need.

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