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05 Sep 2013

WANdisco announces official sponsorship of UC Berkeley AMPLab

WANdisco (LSE: WAND), a provider of high-availability software for global enterprises to meet the challenges of Big Data and distributed software development, announced it is an official sponsor of the UC Berkeley AMPLab, a five-year collaborative effort at UC Berkeley where Spark, Shark and Mesos have been developed.

WANdisco previously announced the integration of Spark and Shark into its certified Apache Hadoop binaries, delivering data processing speeds up to 100 times faster than MapReduce or Hive to any Hadoop-supported filesystem. WANdisco will continue to work closely with AMPLab on continued research into in-memory data storage for Hadoop.

"We are pleased with WANdisco’s strong support of AMPLab as well as Spark and Shark," said Ion Stoica, co-director of AMPLab of UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. "Their participation helps with market validation, and our continued work will enable businesses to quickly deploy interactive data analytics on Hadoop."

"Berkeley AMPLab is at the forefront of Hadoop innovation and we're proud to be an official sponsor," said David Richards, CEO of WANdisco. "Spark and Shark allow users to improve the efficiency of their Hadoop deployments without the need for additional configuration or infrastructure. We look forward to further developments from AMPLab."

About AMPLab

AMPLab, a five-year collaborative effort at UC Berkeley, involves students, researchers and faculty from computer science and data-intensive application domains addressing Big Data analytics challenges. (AMP is an acronym for “Algorithms, Machines, and People”.) AMPLab envisions a world where massive data, cloud computing, communication and people resources can be continually, flexibly and dynamically be brought to bear on a range of hard problems by people connected to the cloud via devices of increasing power and sophistication. Along with traditional research funding agencies, AMPLab is sponsored by, and works with many of the world’s leading technology companies and innovative start-ups. These companies participate in research retreats, provide advice and real-world insight, and interact closely with researchers on projects of mutual interest throughout the research process.

About WANdisco

WANdisco is the world leader in Active Data Replication. Its patented WANdisco Fusion technology enables the replication of continuously changing data to the cloud and on-premises data centers with guaranteed consistency, no downtime and no business disruption. It also allows distributed development teams to collaborate as if they are all working in one location. WANdisco has an OEM with IBM as well as partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Google Cloud, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle to resell its patented technology. WANdisco also works directly with Fortune 1000 companies around the world to ensure their data can give them the real insight they need.

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