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19 Nov 2015

Updated WANdisco Fusion platform offers Hybrid Cloud, active back-up for enterprises

Enhanced solution prevents downtime, saves costs and simplifies Hadoop experience.

WANdisco, (LSE: WAND) the leading provider of continuous-availability software for global enterprises to meet the challenges of Big Data, today announced major updates to its flagship WANdisco Fusion Platform. Supported by WANdisco’s completely unique active-active replication technology, the latest solution offers continuous availability, streaming back-up, uninterrupted migration and hybrid burst-to-cloud capabilities. Delivered through seven plug-ins, these enhancements enable enterprises to exceed the most demanding application service-level agreements and achieve maximum operational efficiency as they move Hadoop from the lab into production.

The backbone of Fusion, WANdisco’s patented active-active replication technology, ensures all servers and clusters are fully readable and writeable, always in sync and recover automatically from each other after planned or unplanned downtime. WANdisco offers Fusion plug-ins that address continuous availability, data consistency and disaster recovery in three areas:

  • Active-Active Disaster Recovery: Guaranteed data consistency with failover and automated recovery over LAN or WAN eliminates Hadoop cluster downtime and data loss
  • Active-Active Hive: Fusion replication ensures Hive is continuously available and Hive metastore changes are in line with underlying data, leading to consistent query results across all clusters and locations
  • Active-Active Hbase: Enables Hbase to be continuously available and consistent across all locations

“Organizations are under pressure to reduce costs as well as downtime for their IT services. Active-active computing is enabling some IT organizations to eliminate IT service downtime altogether,” said Werner Zurcher, Research VP, and Rich Greenwald, Research Director, Gartner, Inc., Comparing Active/Passive With Five Active/Active IT Services Approaches for HA/DR, April 23, 2015.

As more and more applications are moving from behind the firewall into the cloud, cloud migration and hybrid cloud solutions have become critical. Three new WANdisco Fusion plug-ins address this market trend while also helping enterprises reduce cost, reduce complexity and better secure their data. These plug-ins can be used both on-premises and in the cloud. They include:

  • Fusion Active Back-up: Active continuous hot back-up (when back-up is performed on data even while it is in use or being updated) provides a fully versioned copy of an enterprise’s active Hadoop cluster(s), to capture all changes. These clusters can be both on-premises or in the cloud, any distance apart
  • Fusion Active Migration: Offers data migration between different distributions, HDFS compatible storage systems, old and new versions of the same distribution and in-and-out of the cloud without downtime, data loss or disruption
  • Fusion Hybrid Cloud: Extends Hadoop to the cloud with active-active replication for burst-out processing

WANdisco has also introduced the Fusion Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable enterprises to leverage Fusion for active-active replication of any data source.

“The features offered by the WANdisco Fusion Platform and plug-ins are critical for enterprises looking to move Hadoop big data applications into production and leverage the massive efficiencies offered in the cloud,” said WANdisco CEO and Co-Founder David Richards. “Additionally, while ease-of-use generally isn't the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about Big Data, WANdisco Fusion simplifies the Hadoop experience in a way that is truly unique in this space.”

“We are pleased to see WANdisco Fusion deliver unique value to customers on their Open Enterprise Hadoop journey,” said Hortonworks VP of Product and Alliance Marketing Matthew Morgan. “When combined with Hortonworks Data Platform, its capabilities enable active-active clusters across data centers, thus improving uptime and helping enterprises meet stringent application SLAs.


The WANdisco Fusion Platform is available now. Visit to learn more and download a free 14-day evaluation.


On Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 10 a.m. PT, WANdisco and Hortonworks will host a free webinar entitled, “Meeting and Exceeding Enterprise Application SLAs with Hadoop.” Registration is free at

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WANdisco (LSE: WAND) is a provider of enterprise-ready, non-stop software solutions that enable globally distributed organizations to meet today’s data challenges of secure storage, scalability and availability. WANdisco’s products are differentiated by the company’s patented, active-active data replication technology, serving crucial high availability (HA) requirements, including Hadoop Big Dataand Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), including Apache Subversion and Git. Fortune Global 1000 companies, including Juniper Networks, Motorola, and Halliburton, rely on WANdisco for performance, reliability, security and availability. For additional information, please visit

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About WANdisco

WANdisco is the world leader in Active Data Replication. Its patented WANdisco Fusion technology enables the replication of continuously changing data to the cloud and on-premises data centers with guaranteed consistency, no downtime and no business disruption. It also allows distributed development teams to collaborate as if they are all working in one location. WANdisco has an OEM with IBM as well as partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Google Cloud, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle to resell its patented technology. WANdisco also works directly with Fortune 1000 companies around the world to ensure their data can give them the real insight they need.

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