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23 Jun 2011

uberSVN leverages WANdisco's Subversion MultiSite for performance and scale

WANdisco's award winning open ALM platform gives large distributed enterprises a highly available & scalable environment to easily deploy Subversion


 WANdisco, the leading provider of Apache Subversion-based software and services for the enterprise today announced that uberSVN - its open ALM platform for Subversion will include WANdisco's proven Subversion MultiSite technology, giving large globally distributed development teams a single highly scalable and available environment to manage Subversion across every geographic location.

As Juniper Networks, like so many other Global Fortune 1000 companies discovered, Subversion MultiSite was the only solution that could meet their requirements for 24-by-7 availability, scalability and performance.

"We needed to ensure that all of our sites were up and running all of the time. We are a 24-by-7 global enterprise and we require LAN-speed performance at all three of our locations to ensure that our developers are as productive as possible," said Angela Thomas, Development Tools Manager, Juniper Networks. "The best solution we found was using WANdisco's Subversion MultiSite to deploy Subversion in an active-active WAN cluster."

Subversion MultiSite:

  • Provides users at every location with the same LAN-speed performance and availability for both reads and writes.
  • Achieves 24-by-7 operation with no downtime, even during routine maintenance.
  • Keeps distributed Subversion servers continuously in sync so that users at every location access the latest changes.
  • Delivers continuous hot backup with automated failover and recovery.
  • Allows all servers to be monitored and administered from one location.
  • Is transparent to administrators as well as users.
  • Supports continuous integration by making the latest changes available from every site.

Master server solutions such as svnsync can't deliver any of these capabilities because they are based on a single point of failure architecture. Combining a proxy server with these solutions does nothing more than automatically redirect writes from clients at remote locations to a single point of failure master where they are then periodically copied back out to remote servers. The single point of failure is still there and replication is delayed.

As Forrester discovered after reviewing a typical implementation of Subversion MultiSite at a large Global Fortune 1000 firm using its Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology, "Companies using WANdisco's Subversion MultiSite will see significant improvements in developer productivity. ROI will be even greater for organizations with more sites and developers than the customers used for the study. Using the TEI framework, many companies will find a compelling business case to make such an investment."

In addition to delivering a 167% ROI that goes up as the number of sites and developers increases, Forrester's TEI Report found that in comparison to master server and central server solutions used previously, Subversion MultiSite:

  • Eliminated two man-days of developer idle time each day.
  • Reduced build time from 16 hours to 1.5 hours.
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance costs effectively to zero.
  • Allowed twice as many builds completed on a daily basis.
  • Resulted in a 30% increase in bug fix rates.
  • Eliminated downtime for maintenance.
  • Enabled the support of twice as many software releases and products.

Globally Distributed Subversion Made Easy

Thousands of developers have downloaded uberSVN to combine their favorite open and closed source ALM applications with Subversion's first-ever social coding environment in a single integrated platform. With uberSVN, there's absolutely no vendor lock-in. The impressive capabilities of uberSVN have gained glowing write-ups from a wide range of independent reviewers across the globe. Developers worldwide are sharing stories about uberSVN as the platform is becoming recognized as 'Subversion made easy'. Simply search 'uberSVN' on Twitter and you will find comments such as:

  • "uberSVN: Open Source Apache Subversion that even web designers can understand."
  • "uberSVN is a really easy to install and manage svn server (and works on tomcat do not need to install apache)"
  • "Tests de #uberSVN tres concluants :)"

Now with Subversion MultiSite, uberSVN will rapidly become recognized as the solution for making globally distributed Subversion easy.

"We believe uberSVN is much more than 'Subversion made easy' but the usability of this brilliant new platform is something WANdisco is really proud of," said David Richards, president and CEO of WANdisco. "The power of uberSVN as an all-encompassing tool for software development is quickly being realized within the developer community. Now that uberSVN will leverage the unique capabilities of Subversion MultiSite, for the first-time ever large global enterprises can easily deploy and manage Subversion in a single integrated environment that performs and scales without any downtime."

In addition to Subversion MultiSite, uberSVN users get:

  • Freedom to choose the best open source and closed source applications for defect tracking, project management, build management, and other ALM functions and replace them at any time, with absolutely no vendor lock-in.
  • An easy-to-use web interface and model configuration - uberSVN includes rich Subversion system and user administration capabilities and a model configuration that take the hassle out of managing and deploying Subversion. Expert users can change the configuration anytime.
  • The first-ever integrated social coding environment for Subversion. uberSVN is organized around development teams. Each team has its own home page that profiles the team members, lists the projects they're working on, repositories they're using and their latest activity and status. Team members can see each other's real-time progress by subscribing to Twitter-like feeds.

Learn more about uberSVN at:

Customers that combine a WANdisco Subversion support contract with either WANdisco's certified Subversion binaries, or uberSVN get the added benefit of automated access to the latest fixes and updates with 24-by-7 online, phone and email support. WANdisco's Subversion support services are described in detail at:

About Subversion

Apache Subversion (SVN) is a version control system initiated in 2000. It is used to maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code, web pages, and documentation. Its goal is to be a mostly-compatible successor to the widely used Concurrent Versions System (CVS). In a 2007 report by Forrester Research, Subversion was recognized as the sole leader in the Standalone Software Configuration Management (SCM) category and a strong performer in the Software Configuration and Change Management (SCCM) category. Subversion is released under the Apache License, making it free software. For more information, please visit:

About WANdisco

WANdisco is the world leader in Active Data Replication. Its patented WANdisco Fusion technology enables the replication of continuously changing data to the cloud and on-premises data centers with guaranteed consistency, no downtime and no business disruption. It also allows distributed development teams to collaborate as if they are all working in one location. WANdisco has an OEM with IBM as well as partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Google Cloud, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle to resell its patented technology. WANdisco also works directly with Fortune 1000 companies around the world to ensure their data can give them the real insight they need.

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