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30 Jun 2011

Free comprehensive enterprise Subversion Training sessions announced

WANdisco announces a new series of free webinars designed to keep Subversion developers, administrators and IT managers ahead of the game.


WANdisco, the leading provider of Apache Subversion-based software and services for the enterprise today announced a new series of free online training classes, with eleven new webinars scheduled from July 14 through the end of the year. This new webinar series includes sessions designed specifically to help development organizations get the most out of Subversion with the groundbreaking new free open ALM platform - uberSVN.

Building on WANdisco’s impressive reputation for delivering training courses that help developers, administrators and IT managers get the most out of Subversion, this new training series includes established favorites such as “Branching and Merging,” along with new sessions designed to keep attendees at the forefront of software development.

“This new free training series is yet another demonstration of WANdisco’s commitment to the Apache Subversion community,” said David Richards, CEO and President of WANdisco. “Once Subversion users experience our webinars they always come back for more. Several of these webinars cover new ground and provide excellent tips for maximizing Subversion’s potential with uberSVN - the new open ALM platform that’s already had thousands of downloads.”

Free online training sessions offered for the remainder of 2011 include:

07/14/2011 – Getting Started with Subversion

This course is aimed at developers who are new to Subversion and covers:

  • Repository basics - creating and organizing
  • Checkouts, working folders, editing files and check-ins
  • Reporting on changes
  • Simple branching
  • Simple merging

08/11/2011 - uberSVN: Introduction

uberSVN is the groundbreaking new open ALM platform for Subversion that's easy to install, easy to use, and easy to extend. This introductory webinar will guide you through uberSVN’s core capabilities including:

  • Installation and setup
  • Simplified repository creation and management
  • Team and user administration
  • Social coding capabilities
  • Extendibility with your favourite ALM tools

08/18/2011 –
Can’t live without Subversion even for a minute

Most teams that use Subversion quickly fall in love with it based on the simple fact that it is easy to use, easy to administer, and easy to deploy. And it sure costs a lot less than some of those other enterprise solutions we used to know and love! This webinar takes a light-hearted view of why Subversion is so popular and why you too shouldn’t live without it!

09/01/2011 - Branching and Merging

This course provides an introduction to branching and merging, covering important topics such as:

  • What is a branch?
  • Different types of branches
  • Merging branches
  • Resolving merge conflicts

09/15/2011 - uberSVN: Team Collaboration and Social Coding

uberSVN makes Subversion simple and easy to use. It also provides several unique social coding capabilities for teams to collaborate and monitor one another’s activities. In this session you’ll learn how to set-up and manage teams, monitor team and repository activity, manage news groups, configure dashboard views and more.

09/29/2011 - Subversion Difference

This course covers the Subversion Difference command and provides an overview of various ways to compare files and generate meaningful reports.

10/13/2011 - Branching Options for Development

Focusing on best practices for implementing a development process with Subversion using sound branching strategies, this webinar covers the pros and cons of different branching approaches and how to best implement the right level of branching for different projects and teams.

10/27/2011 - uberSVN: Access Control Management

This session will teach you how to quickly setup access control within uberSVN for Subversion users using a few easy and intuitive steps. It will introduce you to the team concept and how to easily create repository access rules, allocate users to teams, and monitor team activities.

11/10/2011 - Managing Subversion Projects

This course covers best practices for using Subversion to manage projects and includes topics that will help project leaders and managers get the most out of their developers, coordinate team activities, and improve software deliveries.

12/1/2011 - Subversion Locking

This course covers the Subversion Lock command in detail and covers the following:

  • What is a lock?
  • How do you lock and unlock files?
  • How best to avoid lock conflicts.

12/15/2011 - uberSVN Extensibility

In this session you’ll learn how to extend the uberSVN platform with your favorite tools to create a full ALM capability. We’ll review the options for adding new applications through add-on libraries, custom packages, or simple web frame integrations.

To register and find more information about these new webinars go to: WANdisco recommends early registration as space is limited.

Previous Enterprise Training sessions are also available for free viewing, including this excellent introduction to uberSVN from industry expert Adrian Bridgwater at:

Enterprise Training for Developers and Administrators

WANdisco also offers a series of in-depth training courses for developers and administrators designed to provide the necessary hands-on experience to enable attendees to become productive immediately. We offer public classes at our training centers, private classes that can be held on-site at the customer's location, as well as web based training. Custom classes can also be arranged.

More information about Enterprise Training is available at:

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