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WANdisco enables more consistent analytics with LiveDeltaLake for Databricks

October 29 2019

Data management company WANdisco Plc today launched a new LiveDeltaLake offering for customers that use Databricks Inc.’s Unified Data Analytics Platform, giving them a way to ensure they receive consistent business insights across different regions or cloud environments.

WANdisco specializes in providing distributed computing services. It helps companies to create information technology environments that span multiple clouds and ensure their data is always available, accurate, consistent and protected. The company’s core technology is the WANdisco Fusion platform, which works by ensuring geographically dispersed data at any scale remains consistent between on-premises and cloud environments at all times.

LiveDeltaLake is essentially just a more versatile version of Databricks’ open-source Delta Lake, which is a project that aims to improve the efficiency of regular data lakes and ensure information is kept accurate and reliable. Delta Lake does this by managing transactions across batch and streaming data and multiple simultaneous writes. It also eliminates the need to build complicated data pipelines necessary to move information across different computing systems.

LiveDeltaLake goes further, though, since it allows Databrick’s customers to leverage Delta Lake across multiple storage platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and ADLS Gen 1 and Gen 2 while still maintaining the accuracy and consistency of the data. That way, the company said, it provides more consistent analytics.

“Delta Lake is not changed as an open source project, only the way users can expand use cases,” said WANdisco product manager Paul Scott Murphy. “Rather than recreating Delta Lake, WANdisco is collaborating with Databricks to offer active-active scenarios or allowing migration from one underlying storage to another without disruption.”

LiveDeltaLake works by replicating any changes made in the data to a Managed Delta Lake on Databricks, regardless of where it’s stored, ensuring that when analyzed, it will provide consistent insights no matter where the query was made.

“LiveDeltaLake provides Databricks users with the unique ability to choose a distributed approach with Managed Delta Lake on Databricks, whether it’s across regions or clouds,” said David Richards, WANdisco’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “Data is continuously updated to provide consistent business insights while computing capacity can be shared when resources can’t be drawn upon for a particular region.”


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