Cost Estimator for LiveData Platform for Azure


Start by creating your data cluster scenario below

{{ data.percentageChangePerDay | number}}%
{{ data.fileEventsDaily | number}}
{{ data.gbpsExpectedThroughput | number:1}} Gbps throughput
{{ data.filesInClusterAvgSize | number}} MB
{{ data.filesInCluster | number}}

Ooops! Sorry {{data.amountOfData}}

We can't make sense of these numbers right now, please feel free to contact us for assistance with your calculation.

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Review your estimated cost below

Cost for estimated time and migration
{{ data.timeToMigrate | number: 2}}
${{ data.totalCostToMigrate | number:0}}
${{ (1000/ data.amountOfData )* data.totalCostToMigrate | number:0}}

Monthly hybrid cost, post-migration
${{ data.monthlyUniHcloud | number:0}}
${{ data.monthlyUniHcloud*12 | number:0}}
${{ data.monthlyBiHcloud | number:0}}
${{ data.monthlyBiHcloud*12| number:0}}

Summary of cost
${{ monthOneCost |number:0}}
$ {{ annualCost | number: 0 }}


Monthly Cost Breakdown

Month {{key+1}}

${{ val.b111 | number: 0 }}
${{ val.LiveDataMigratorTransactions | number: 0 }}
${{ val.b94 | number: 0 }}


{{key}}: {{val}}
{{key}}: {{val}}
{{key}}: {{val}}

Disclaimer: Charges do not include any Azure costs

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