LiveMigrator's non-blocking innovation makes it possible to move big data to the cloud while maintaining business continuity.

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The experts in distributed computing

A decentralized data footprint requires a platform which ensures data availability and consistency across multiple data centers, development sites, Hadoop clusters and clouds.

Optimized for Cloud Environments

Cloud Migration

Whether this is your first project, or you’re thinking ‘there has to be an easier way,’ WANdisco Fusion gives you the ability to successfully move to the cloud without risking business continuity.

Migrating to the cloud sounds simple, but it isn't. Let us help ensure your data migration is a success.

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Hybrid Cloud

Transition from separate management of data in private and public clouds to unified, integrated operations, easily and cost effectively.

WANdisco Fusion takes half the work out of managing your public-private cloud environment.

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MultiCloud Replication

Deploy WANdisco Fusion to enable global data access across multiple regions within a single cloud or across any cloud provider so that you can access your data when you want it from anywhere.

We enable continuous replication of data across multiple cloud vendors and across an unlimited number of regions.

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Hadoop to Hadoop

Hadoop to Cloud

Cloud to Cloud

Hadoop Migration Made Simple

A Single Approach To Cloud, On-Premise and Multi-Vendor Migrations

Many firms are facing the challenge of transitioning departmental and niche Big Data programs into the information fabric of their enterprise. This shift often involves revisiting previous decisions regarding vendors and approach. It also requires migration and consolidation to be core competencies. Without them, any strategy will be based on what is currently available and not what’s needed for the future. To be successful a migration or consolidation needs to be able to overcome key hurdles including:

  • Downtime during migration.
  • Consistency of security models.
  • New environment verification before a switch over.

There are numerous business and technical benefits to be gained by migrating from one Hadoop distribution to another, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Read the white paper By Steve Jones, Capgemini Global VP, Big Data and Analytics for further insights into managing and migrating to MultiCloud environments.

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WANdisco Fusion Cloud Partners

WANdisco Fusion
with Amazon AWS

Game-changing WANdisco Fusion enterprise software offers real-time replication of data between multiple sources and targets, for any data architecture. Even when data is spread across different locations, and even while data is being migrated, WANdisco Fusion guarantees data consistency.

WANdisco’s partnership with Amazon helps you to migrate data to Amazon Web Services (AWS) rapidly and easily, and to exploit the power and capabilities of the AWS environment.

WANdisco Fusion
with Microsoft Azure

WANdisco’s partnership with Microsoft helps you to migrate data to the Microsoft Azure cloud rapidly and easily, and exploit the power and capabilities of the Microsoft Azure environment.

WANdisco Fusion enterprise software offers real-time replication of data between multiple sources and targets, for any data architecture. Even when data is spread across different locations, and even while data is being migrated, WANdisco Fusion guarantees consistency.

WANdisco Fusion
with IBM Big Replicate

Enable consistent, available data across any hybrid IBM Cloud environment

IBM has entered into an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement to resell WANdisco Fusion, rebranded as IBM Big Replicate - a key embedded component of the IBM big data, cloud and analytics solutions. Powered by WANdisco Fusion, IBM Big Replicate enables consistent data everywhere, spanning multiple platforms and locations, even for changing data at petabyte scale.

WANdisco Fusion
with Databricks

The accelerating consolidation of and diminishing opportunities for Hadoop vendors is directly related to the increasing use of cloud-native systems for storing and processing big data, where you can take full advantage of cheap, scalable storage and the flexibility that comes from the capacity and breadth of analytic platforms there. Big data has found a natural home in the cloud, and organizations are tasked with taking advantage of it.

WANdisco, Databricks and Neudesic partner to accelerate and simplify your Hadoop cloud migration

Learn more in our August 13 webinar, where leaders from WANdisco, Databricks and Neudesic will explain how their joint solution helps you:

  • Migrate your Hadoop data lakes to Delta Lake quickly
  • Minimize the risks associated with moving data to the cloud
  • Modernize your data analytics platform

Webinar: Tuesday, August 13th | 10 am PST / 1 pm EST

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Consistent data everywhere

Make your data globally accessible and consistent everywhere with a LiveData strategy. Alleviating the challenges of siloed data, a LiveData strategy ensures that enterprise data stays accurate, accessible, and consistent across your global IT environment. Every user and every application has always-available data, regardless of the distributed architecture–on premises, hybrid-cloud, multi-region, and multi-cloud.

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  • Productivity

    Developers work together across locations, using the same interface with their normal tooling with no requirement for additional training.

  • Always Available

    Automatic failover and recovery with no admin or additional third party backup and recovery solutions required.

  • Lower Cost Structure

    Reductions in development time, administrative overhead and network bandwidth usage our multisite solutions pay for themselves.

  • Transparency

    With no change to Subversion, Git and Gerrit functionality, continue to use the tools you are familiar with.

WANdisco and Neudesic Partner to Rapidly Migrate Hadoop Analytical Workloads to Databricks in the Azure Cloud

Joint solution provides a non-blocking large scale data analytics migration to delta lake in the Azure Cloud

18 July 2019

WANdisco Partners with Databricks to Rapidly Migrate On-Premises Hadoop Analytic Workloads with LiveMigrator to Azure Databricks

Joint solution provides hyper-fast, non-blocking data migration to reliable data lakes at scale with Delta Lake

16 July 2019

WANdisco Builds Hyper-Fast Onramp to the Cloud with the Launch of LiveMigrator

World’s first non-blocking technology automates highly efficient, large-scale data cloud migration to dramatically simplify moving data to the cloud

11 June 2019

“I would actually say that Google isn’t really a search engine company; it’s a big data company. Facebook is not a social media company; it’s a big data company. Data is the new natural resource,”


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